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Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022
“We Do Twist the Music History”

Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition | 2022

Malta International Baroque Competition™ | 2022

Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ is organizedMalta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition 2022 and owned solely by Violin Limited Company, Malta. Taking place January 17-21, 2022 in collaboration with Malta International Violin and Bow Making Competition, Malta International Music Competition®, Central International String Quartet Competition™ and Malta International Composition Competition™. Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ open for any String Instruments, incl. Guitars and Bows. Makers of all nations invited to participate.

“Malta is The New Capital of Instrumental Baroque Making”

               Several Categories are Open for Enrollments: BAROQUE & ASYMMETRICAL

You may enroll to one or all categories

  • The documents to be sent by email: BEFORE 15 May 2022
  • Application form sent by email together with the Enrollment Fee.
  • Copy of ID Card/Passport inciting Name and Surname of the maker.
  • Short Bio/CV of the participant.
  • Photo of the participant
  • 2 photos of every instrument must email before 15 May 2022.
  • 93 EUR Enrollment Fee (not refundable) per instrument or bow, paid by bank or PayPal Enrollment Fee

for bank transfer:
Maestro Volodymyr Baran, HSBC Malta plc, Merchants Street 32, Valletta,
IBAN: MT47MMEB44336000000033300898050, BIC/SWIFT: MMEBMTMT

We do not accept instruments or bows sent by post.

Non-Present (not traveling to Malta, willing to take part) makers are allowed to send instruments with a representative/colleague. The instrument/s must be enrolled with the fee and documentation mentioned above.

Deadline for Applications – 15 May 2022

– Asymmetrical Forms allowed and will be judged separately from the Baroque Forms.
– The only instruments and bows have been built within the last 2 years can be submitted.
– Total of 2 instruments/bows allowed per category for every participant. If participating with a String Quartet, the Entire Quartet is considered as one instrument.
– Every participant is advised to present their instrument and is requested to remain for entire time of the competition.
– All string instruments and bows have to be built according to generally accepted rules of violin making.
– All instruments and bows must be unlabeled.
Baroque Form: Sizes up to the Early Period | Baroque.
Category Asymmetrical Form: Exact specifications have to be sent together with the Application Form.
Category String Quartet: All instruments from One Violin Makers.
The Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ consists of two rounds:
1. sizes compliance, choice of material, craftsmanship quality and finishing.
2. tone, playability, balance and performance.
– Exhibition of competition’s instruments takes place 17 May – 17 June, 2022(9:30-14:00) in Valletta, Floriana and St. Julian’s.

Enrolled instruments/bows must be presented before 10:30 on 17 May 2022. The Prize Giving Ceremony will take place 14:00 on 17 June, 2022. Participants will receive locations and other details by email.

The Jury will consist of internationally renowned makers and famous players. The names of the Jurors will be made known two weeks before the competitor starts. If necessary, some of the Jury members might be replaced. The Jury is free to award or to withhold prizes, reserves the right to discard any of instruments. Ex-aequo prizes, special mention awards permitted. The Judges’ decision is final. Legal recourse is not permitted.


  • First Prize – an Exhibition (to be confirmed)
  • Three prizes/medals will be awarded over all violins, violas, cellos and bows.
  • Every participant will receive a Participation Certificate (by request).
  • Ten Finalists will be announced and given “The Honorable Mention” Diplomas.
  • Diploma of the First, the Second and the Third Prize will be awarded to winning instruments at the Final Gala and played by the master instrumentalists.
  • Prize-Scholarship for the CAA 2023.

The Jury may invite special guests, partners and associations to grant Special Awards for outstanding and unique makers and players.

– The organizers are going to offer a free brochure of the Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022 to participants.
– Violin Limited Company will assist to every participant in order to find a suitable accommodation. We are going to offer an accommodation in best hotels of Malta for a reduced price.

Expo of String Instrument Supply & Exhibition of Instruments 

This International Violin Making Competition, Convention and Exhibition are tremendously exciting experience, meeting with hundreds of like-minded personalities, exchanging mutual respect and knowledge. CAA|VFIMF offer opportunities for makers and performers from all continents to compete, exhibit and interact.
The Exhibition of the Central Academy of Arts™ | Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022 will be held from 17 May-17 June, 2022. All the musical instruments participating in the competition may enter the CAA Exhibition. Competitors are requested to confirm the participation in the CAA Exhibition.
Any makers not taking part in the Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2021 have to apply for the exhibiting their instruments. Enrollment Fee for the Non-Competitors is 50 EUR Non-Competitors Enrollment Fee per instrument. Apply with this Application form by email central-academy@email.com The Expo Organizing Committee will publish photos of the participating instruments in the Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022 brochure.
Seminars and tours will be held and available, during the competition, Final Gala Concert will be taking place in Valletta/Mdina on the winning instruments, a celebration party will follow.

Travel, Health Insurance, etc Wide selection of low cost and business air fares to Malta including budget and discount flight deals you can easily find from Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling and major airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, Scandinavian and others. Obtaining appropriate travel documents and insurance is the sole responsibility of each participant. Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022 | Violin Limited accepts no liability of any kind whatsoever for any personal illness or injury sustained by the competitor or for loss or damage to a competitor’s belongings, including instrument, during transit or while at the competition. Every violin/viola maker must arrange an insurance for their instrument/s. The organizers are authorized to utilize and exploit the recordings in sound, image and digital media as well as for presentation on the internet. For this purpose, all participants cede all requisite rights of use, exploitation and broadcast to the organizers; the right to publish details of the competitors, instruments and pass them to third parties. Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022 | Violin Limited has the right to produce and distribute without limit or payment of any fee, audio and/or video recordings of all competition exhibitions, performances, concerts, events etc. The recorded/filmed products are owned solely by the Malta International Baroque Instruments Making Competition™ 2022 | Violin Limited. The directors of the competition can, under certain circumstances, cancel the competition. This concerns in particular the case in which not enough applications have been received for the competition. Cancellation of the contest entitles participating violin/viola makers only to the reclamation of their Enrollment fee.

For assistance contact Mrs. Azure Lam

For sponsoring email Dr. Andrea Rossini

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