Central Academy

Violin Making Competition | 2021 |Violin Competition


is a unique organization for
artists and craftsmen

unites Instrumental Makers: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Bows & Guitar

Classical, Baroque and Asymmetric –

with Soloists and Composers


​Central Academy of Arts and Central Association hold series of the meetings, conferences, competitions, master classes, festivals, expositions and auctions. It is based in Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea and manages the international events worldwide. You can join the Central Academy at any time. Every member will be invited to all events such as conferrences and seasonal meetings worldwide, profit from the 50% reduction for Competitions enrollments, 20% reductions to participate in Master Classes and get reduced fees for accommodations.
Central Association consists of Members, the Central Committee and the Management Team. The Committee includes professional and internationally recognised craftsmans, instrumentalists and composers. The Central Academy management team consists from the CEO, Management Director, International Relations Coordinator-PA to the CEO, Lawyer and Accountant.

The Amount of Members is LIMITED to 99 Makers and 99 Musicians & Composers. Every member is approved by votes of the Central Committee.

The 10 years schedule of events announced by the Central Association is confirmed two month before the beginning of every calendar year. Events are hold in Malta and other partner countries such as: Greece, Germany, Belgium, Switzeland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, UAE and the USA.
Central Academy of Arts did collaborate with over 60 countries in various topics on educational programs, competitions, festival, conferrences and expositions.


Annual Meetings, Conferences, Competitions, Festivals & Expositions

Will be taking place once or more time per year in Malta and other countries worldwide.

Soundchecks, Performances, Analysis and Discussions, Auctions

Professional and Amateur makers, instrumentalists and composers of any nation collaborate together.

International Acknowledgment with Diplomas, Medals and more.

Hosted in Europe, Middle & Far East, Americas. and open for proposals.



“Central Academy of Arts is an absolutely unique platform! Study, Improve, Exhibit yourself and your company, start a Career with us. This not a dream but new reality…“

Volodymyr Baran, FOUNDER

Let’s make it happen together.

79 eur yearly membership fee is collected.

Central Academy Association

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