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Musafia Violin & Viola Case


is the definitive instrument protection standard. Musafia Violin CaseMusafia Cremona Italy cases are hand-crafted in Cremona, Italy, by a dedicated team of artisans, coordinated by founder Dimitri Musafia, since 1983. Owning a Musafia case is a unique experience in many ways. One of them is the after-sales services that are provided, not only when your case is still new but also for the years to come. As a Musafia owner, you can count on repair and maintenance services, upgrades, people to answer your questions, and even re-sale assistance. For details of the sales conditions please contact us on the email below. Many people will agree that the attention to detail and quality is unmatched by any other case manufacturer, as is the continuous research into increasing instrument safety. The artistic touches which grace the one-off and unique Opus cases are done by Mr. Musafia personally.
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