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“Vibrant & Passionate Ensemble of the Maltese Islands”

Malta Piano TrioMalta Piano Trio™ consisting of MILICA LAWRENCE – Piano, VOLODYMYR BARAN – Violin and CHRISTOPHER J GREENHALGH – Cello, founded by the Central Academy of Arts™. The Trio appears with a very wide variety of programs worldwide and represents Maltese Republic overseas. This ensemble of masters collaborates with musicians, artists and craftsman from all continents. Malta Piano Trio™ has attracted attention in the chamber music world from some as unique and expressive performances, artistically attractive and stylishly dressed. Composers and luthiers are working closely together with these outstanding performers.

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We are Truly Honored to collaborate and to be supported by the “Piccolo Maestro”, “Musafia Cremona Italy”, Malta International Violin Making Competition™, Central Academy of Arts™ and Malta International Composition Competition™

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