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Violin Making Competition | 2021 |Violin Competition


Central International Music Competition™ 2021

CIMC open for individual soloists and chamber music ensembles (string quartet apply here). Any orchestral instruments with/without piano, including accordeon, cimbalom, piano ensemble, Chinese traditional instruments and voice of any national invited to participate. International Music CompetitionsInternational Violin Competition | Конкурс скрипачей | Конкурс пианистов | 2021| Конкурс скрипачей | Конкурс пианистов scheduled for 1-5 February, 2021. Professional and Student categories: Children(up to 12), Youth(13-17), Adults(18-without age limit).

Application Form | Скачать анкету – APPLY NOW – Send by email International Violin Competition 2021
The following documents must be included International Violin Competition 2021 Deadline 15 December 2020

  • signed Application Form;
  • passport copy of each participant;
  • bio in English/CV;
  • photograph;
  • Enrollment Fee(not refundable) per instrument, paid by bank or PayPal;
    €50.– per individual
    International Violin Competition 2021 | Конкурс скрипачей | Конкурс пианистов €80.– per ensemble International Violin Competition 2021
  • in case of binding contractual agents relations, record companies & similar organizations, clearance is necessary;

The Program | Конкурсная программа
Price List | Прайс-лист | Awards
Please follow instructions on rules | правила

Contestants may enroll in a higher age category than they belong. Incomplete applications might result in the exclusion. Deadline for the Registration is 15 December 2020, after which competitors will be charged 40 EURInternational Violin Competition 2021 | Конкурс скрипачей | Конкурс пианистов 2019 late registration fee.

The jury will consist of internationally renowned artists and officials. The names of the Jurors will be made known two weeks before the competitor starts. If necessary, some of the Jury members might be replaced. The Jury is free to award or to withhold prizes, reserves the right to discard any of programs. Ex-aequo prizes, special mention awards permitted. The Judges’ decision is final. Legal recourse is not permitted.

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