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Founded by the CENTRAL ACADEMY OF ARTS™ managing associates, the charitable support of the academy is an essential part of the company’s culture. Entirely countersigned by CAA, the Charity Foundation CAACharity Foundation is capable to tap into the agency’s most plentiful and defining resource – culture – to create positive societal change. We do this by expediting intentional partnership, granting business contributions, and providing in-kind donations. The CAA Charity Foundation entitles artists and companies to contribute their time and talents to make a difference, to be of amenity and improve cultural conditions worldwide. The Central Academy of Arts™ facilitates and encourages participation in charity programs.

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Charity Foundation CAA provides scholarships and perform charity programs, however need your help, please donate

Central Academy RecordsCentral Academy Records™ | CAR™ studios are playing very important role in music making industry of Malta International Music Competition®, Central Academy of Arts™ and Malta International Composition Competition. An impressive range of young musicians internationally recognized have been audio and video recorded and have profited from our services.

Central Academy PublishingCentral Academy Publishing™ | CAP™ is probably the most successful major music publisher in Malta and is in collaboration with educational institutions worldwide. CAP is giving new means to terms contemporary composer and classical music. We are human-scaled, committed and independent publisher. We are valued enough to influence music lovers on all continents. Central Academy Publishing™ is proud to collaborate with many of the world’s premier libraries, sellers, publishers and catalogues.

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