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Embraces Malta Violin Making Competition™ 2020, Central International Music Competition™ and Central International Music Master Classes™ with Expo of String Instrument Supply & Exhibition of Violins. Programs are taking place in Malta, January-February 2020.

CAA Violin Making Competition 2020combines competitions, new computer music composition courses, music master classes and international festival. With a diverse and talented participant body representing 55 countries, the Central Academy of Arts™ is striking the goal of becoming the world’s premier institution for learning, competing and exhibitions of today, and tomorrow. CAA delivers master courses, lectures, sound check, educational listening, music English course and conferences on variety of topics.
Applications deadline December 5, 2019

  • Malta | Violin Making Competition™ 2020, Expo of String Instrument Supply & Exhibition of Violins.
  • Central Academy of Arts™ | Music Master Classes.
  • Central | International Music Competition.

Violin/Viola/Cello Making Competition 2020“Central Academy of Arts is an absolutely unique platform! Study, Improve, Exhibit yourself and your company, start a Career with us. This not a dream but new reality…”Violin Making Competition 2020

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