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Violin Making Competition | 2015 |Violin Competition

Central Academy of Arts

CAA | Central Academy of Arts™

Embraces Malta Violin Making Competition™ 2016, Central International Music Competition™ and Central International Music Master Classes™ with Expo of instruments & Trade Fair. Programs are taking place in Malta, February 8-20, 2016. CAAViolin Making Competition 2016 combines competitions, new computer music composition courses | spectral composition, music master classes and international festival. With a diverse and talented participant body representing 45 countries, the Central Academy of Arts™ is striking the goal of becoming the world’s premier institution for learning, competing and exhibitions of today, and tomorrow. CAA delivers master courses, lectures and conferences on variety of topics. Applications deadline November 1, 2015.

  • Malta | Violin Making Competition™ 2016, Exhibition and Trade Fair.
  • Central Academy of Arts™ | Music Master Classes.
  • Central | International Music Competition.

Violin/Viola Making Competition 2016“The mission of the CAA is to educate, train, and develop participants to excel in arts and the craftsmanship as a career.”Violin Making Competition 2016

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